sunnuntai 21. tammikuuta 2018

Dear English speaking friends

Hello guys.

How are you? Hope everything is well.

So if you noticed I am now living in Ethiopia.
I am here doing voluntary work.
The organisation I am volunteering is FELM and it means Finnish Lutheran Evangelical Mission.
Here is the web page

My goal is to be here from January till end of June 2018. It might be possible that I will stay only till end of April. Let's hope the best that I can stay here till summer.

My "job" is home teaching. I basically teach two Finnish teenagers. (What a dream job ;) )They will move to Ethiopia with their parents soon. I am now waiting for them to come here. Their parents will work as a mission workers here in Ethiopia.

Next two weeks mission worker P will introduce me to FELM work here in Ethiopia. Our plan is to travel to Dessie on Wed 24th and stay there for two weeks. In Dessie I will stay in Activity center.

Here is a quote from FELM web page:
In Dessie, Kombolcha and Woldiya sponsorship funds are used to support individual AIDS orphans’ foster families in providing them with food, healthcare and education. An effort is made to find foster families from the child’s relatives or family friends if both parents have died. Funds are also provided to support the Dessie centre, which provides various types of support to AIDS orphans and their foster families.

Read more FELM's work in Ethiopia and stay tuned 😘

Today Ethiopian Orthodox Christians celebrated Timkat, Epiphany. One video, here you go.